Welcome to the official website of the Eugene Scottish Rite.

Eugene Scottish Rite meets at Eugene Lodge #11, 2777 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Eugene, OR 97401

We meet on the 4th Monday of each month.

  • Executive Meeting starts at 6:15pm
  • The Lodge of Perfection starts at 7:00 P.M.


About Scottish Rite

Making the World a Better Place.

Making Good Men Better.

Working for Charity, Relief and Truth.

Building a foundation for the future on the finest traditions of the past.  Masonry is the oldest Fraternal Organization in the world, made up of over 5 million brothers from many backgrounds. Truth, charity and becoming better men are our goals.

Chances are you already know a few Masons, your grandfather, an uncle or a friend. If you’d like to explore how you can help make the world a better place, ask about becoming a Mason!

Would you like to become part of history?


How You Join

If you are already a Master Mason living in our area and you’d like to become a Scottish Rite Mason, please print and fill out this petition and mail it to: Eugene Scottish Rite, 2777 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Eugene, OR 97401. If you live elsewhere, please see ScottishRite.org to find a Scottish Rite Valley near you.


If you are not a Mason, did you know that in order to become one, a man must take the first step and ask? Maybe you’re reading this because you’re already interested? If you don’t know any Masons to talk to, contact one of our local officers, or visit the Masonic Grand Lodge of Oregon, or the Grand Lodge over your jurisdiction. If you make the decision, we wish you well and hope you find what you’re looking for in Freemasonry. You have a long journey ahead of you before we’ll see you in Scottish Rite, but when you are ready, don’t forget to come back and visit us!

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